For a long time workplace wellness programs were seen as perks for employees and far from an imperative.

Not any more. Ever increasing amounts of evidence are pointing to the fact that wellness programs are good for employees and organisations alike.

With market proven returns on every dollar spent on wellness programs ranging from approximately $3 – $5 dollars depending on industry – the case for companies to offer wellbeing programs is becoming increasingly clear.

Johnson & Johnson wellbeing leaders estimate that wellness programs have cumulatively saved the company $250 million on healthcare costs over the past decade.

Indeed average avoidable risk factors that are addressed when wellness becomes a priority can result in 25% less healthcare costs.

And healthy employees have a much higher employment retention level. Why? Simply they are healthier, happier and more engaged.

So if your organisation has been considering implementing a wellness program – the evidence suggests it just might be the best thing for your employees and a great return on investment.