For most of us the 1st task of the day is – you guessed it…checking emails.

It feels good to clear that inbox – respond to emails that may have popped up over night or that were pressing from late yesterday. It feels like we have achieved something right from the get go.

But here’s the problem. By immediately engaging in emails and all the activities that string from them, we neglect to do the most important thing of all that will drive our productivity for the day.

It’s a simple thing called – goal setting.

Writing down your goals at the start of the day not only helps clarify what is important and needs to be prioritised – it actually also helps to lessen stress by getting out on paper the key projects that your brain will be focusing on.

And by focusing on your goals at the start of the day when your brain is at its most productive – you are more likely to complete these quickly and effectively.

So for higher productivity, less stress and greater feelings of achievement – set your goals first….to set up your day.