Offices are not really known for their tranquility. Normally we associate the modern workplace with high activity, noise and lots of hustle and bustle.

But while that works for some – many employees need a space to literally retreat from the rigorous daily demands – to a space where they can calm the mind and reflect on a task at hand or gain inspiration.

Indeed it’s important to remember that some employees are more introverted than others and value the opportunity to step away from the intensity of a busy workspace to spend time alone.

Quiet spaces are also an opportunity to recharge for all employees. Slowing the mind is both good for stress reduction and also productivity.

Silicon Valley is home to “Coding Caves” were designated rooms are conversation free and developers can bring absolute focus to their projects.

Quiet spaces may be a room that is set aside as a mobile phone and conversation free zone or it may be an open plan space with quiet lounges that have acoustic qualities that reduce verbal noise. Whilst there is no right or wrong format – reduction in noise and visual distractions is key.

So whether it’s a small or large space – with no noise or reduced noise – why not set aside an area in your workplace that employees can retreat to and focus, recharge and relax.