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Welnis SleepFit – The Program

Welnis SleepFit is a complete fatigue management solution that amalgamates the design, construction and fitout of workplace rest facilities with a suite of programs that fuse technology with medical expertise to transform employees performance, safety and overall sleep health. 

With sleep disorders identified as the single greatest contributor to lost working hours – Welnis SleepFit brings together, for the first time, interior design and fitout coupled with technology and medical expertise – to deliver a pioneering workplace fatigue management solution.

According to the Harvard Medical School, sleep disorders are the greatest contributors to lost working hours.  In any one year, 1 in 3 Australians report having significant sleep problems.  A combined approach of awareness, education, environment, screening and treatment can greatly increase workplace safety, productivity and employee quality of life.

The Problem

“Sleep disorders are the single greatest contributor
to lost working hours.”

Nothing damages workplace performance quite like sleep problems. In an extensive study carried out by Ron Kessler at Harvard Medical School, sleep disorders trump back and neck problems, depression, and fatigue as causes of absenteeism and presenteeism. Sleep problems cost businesses twice as much as anxiety and almost four times as much as obesity. (Source)

Most alarmingly, while 1 in 7 people in the Australian workforce are affected by sleep disorders, only 10-15% of those affected are being tested and treated. And when employees suffer, so does their performance, safety and output for their organisation.

And then there is insomnia, be it chronic or acute, that impacts close to 33% of the workforce. Insomnia is brought on by life stress, is often related to depression or other physical or mental disorders, and can be ingrained by habit. Help is often needed to break the cycle.

There are also people who may have poor sleep habits. These habits, if perpetuated can lead to serious health issues down the track.

The Opportunity

Because sleep problems affect organisational performance in a way that no other health issue does, implementing a Welnis SleepFit workplace program can lead to significant business returns in a short period of time.

SleepFit brainHigher performance

Increased sleep significantly increases both physical and cognitive performance levels.
SleepFit tickMore time at work

Eliminating sleep disturbances cuts the cost of staff sick days by nearly 30%.
SleepFit hardhatSafer work environment

Workers who sleep well are half as likely to be involed in workplace accidents as those who report signs of sleep disorders.
SleepFit tickBetter quality of life

Staff who sleep well are significantly less likely to develop obesity, colds and flu, and more serious diseases such as cardiac problems, stroke, diabetes type II, and high blood pressure.

The Solution

Employee Programs 
By combining well-established medical experience and expertise with technology-enabled delivery, Welnis SleepFit programs make it easier and faster to assess and treat employee sleep problems.

Stage 1:  Awareness, Education and Screening
Employees undergo an awareness and education experience on their terms in an anytime/anywhere format. They are asked clinically validated questions that will indicate if they have poor habits, are suffering from insomnia, or have a potential sleep disorder.

If they are at risk of a sleep disorder, they can undertake an overnight screening, significantly reducing the barrier to full diagnosis of sleep issues by shortening a traditionally very long and costly discovery stage for an individual, giving almost “instant” feedback on risk.

For those identifying as having insomnia, online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) programs are offered to help fall asleep and stay asleep – drug free. For those identifying as having poor sleep habits, online education in the form of a “sleep coach” is provided.

Stage 2:  Diagnosis and Treatment
Just like doing a skin check, once an individual  knows  they are at risk, they have the motivation to get treatment under the guidance of a GP and specialist. Welnis SleepFit has access to the country’s leading specialists and psychologists and is able to guide employees through this process in a timely manner that cannot be achieved through traditional channels thus helping them reclaim their quality of life sooner.

Workplace Rest Facilities – Interior Fitout Solutions
Welnis SleepFit specialises in designing and creating rooms and dedicated spaces in office interiors that facilitate workplace napping and rest.

From interior design to complete fitout: as well as supplying the world’s leading workplace sleep pods and equipment, we are experts in delivering turnkey restorative environments that your employees will love.

Employees’ natural circadian rhythms often mean that during various stages of the working day productivity and alertness begin to wane.

Designed to work hand-in-hand with our Welnis SleepFit programs, our workplace rest facilities provide optimal environments where employees can relax and recharge to maximise workplace efficiency and productivity and improve overall health and wellbeing.

Who’s Napping?

Interested in creating a restorative workplace rest facility that places health and wellbeing at the forefront of the employee experience whilst increasing productivity? Talk to us about our tailored fatigue management solutions and packages today.

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