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Infuse Activity into Workplace Interiors

Active interiors are a key part of human health and wellness. As sedentary behaviours are increasingly proven to be the cause of a number of preventative diseases, the case for engaging and tracking activity-based wellness in the built environment is rapidly becoming a key component in delivering employee wellbeing as well as increased productivity.

Welnis has partnered exclusively with carefully selected global wellness program providers to allow organisations to effectively and efficiently infuse activity into their workplace interiors.

These programs are designed to deliver quantifiable and engaging wellness challenges for organisations that incentivise participation for individuals and groups alike.

Coupled with our Welnis 10X holistic approach to interior wellbeing, that looks at every aspect of wellness in the built environment, we offer clients the opportunity to supercharge their wellness programs for significantly improved results and return on investment.

Workplace Wellness: The Facts

  • Australians spend over 90% of their time inside – and on average around 50 hours a week in the workplace.
  • 77% of the working day is spent sitting.
  • Sickness and absenteeism cost organisations an estimated $2700 per employee per year.
  • Presenteeism is estimated to result in 6 days of lost work per employee per year whilst workplace stress results in an average of 3 days lost work per employee per year.
  • Companies that engage wellness programs typically enjoy 2.5 times overall annual performance output.
  • Healthy employees are almost three times as productive as their unhealthiest colleagues.
  • Companies reap a $5 return on every dollar invested in wellness.

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People Move More Together

Welnis and movable are on a mission to to improve personal wellbeing by inspiring movement in groups.

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The 3-part movable platform is designed to inspire groups to move more.

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We work with groups including employees, students and patients.

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Performance, Wellbeing, Health, Productivity

The Efficiency Software Suite is a balanced pallet of software tools that structurally improves the performance of individual employees and their organisations. The software improves wellbeing, health and productivity, and as a result realises growth both at a personal and organisational level.

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AltMOUSE provides real time coaching on the keyboard shortcuts that will provide the most benefit in terms of comfort.

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CtrlWORK helps computer workers perform computer tasks faster, better and with less effort.

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Using time management-based intervals this software coaches users to alternate sitting and standing work.

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Ticken is an interactive online touch typing course with a unique approach. Learn to touch-type within 6 weeks.