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Welnis Activate is focused on bringing effective and lasting movement-based strategies to workplaces that are looking to facilitate, or have already transitioned to, an Activity Based Working (ABW) workplace model.

The health risks associated with sedentary work practices can no longer be ignored. Employees who sit for up to 65% of the day are at increased risk of developing dozens of chronic conditions from diabetes to cancer and heart disease.

85% of employees experience regular aches, strains or pains which is having a clear and measurable impact on productivity – not to mention the actual cost of injury claims.

Activity Based Working (ABW) can deliver enormous benefits to workplace health and wellbeing yet, at the same time, it is essential that employers and employees alike understand how to bring best practice methodologies to ABW and clearly understand the benefits to overall health, wellbeing and productivity.

Awareness of these benefits and how they directly impact workplace effectiveness is an essential part of ensuring maximum take-up of new ABW practices.

Welnis Activate teaches organisations scientifically proven strategies to get the most from increased movement in their working interiors.

Welnis Activate also helps to keep employees engaged with ABW practices and significantly reduces the tendency to return to habitual sedentary behaviours.

In addition we also show you how to eliminate typical workplace aches, strains and pains associated with sedentary behaviours and, importantly, how to correctly initiate and balance increased activity to improve physical resilience.

  • Activity Based Working (ABW) Employee Activation Programs
  • Activity Based Working (ABW) Change Management Programs
  • Workplace Strain and Pain Reduction Programs
  • Strategies to Effectively Introduce ABW Wellness Programs with Maximum Results
  • How to Get Maximum Benefit from ABW Furniture and Equipment Ranges

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About Activity Based Working

Activity Based Working (ABW) is the adoption of flexible work practices that actively encourage employees to move between physical settings for a variety of workplace activities.

ABW removes the need for employees to work at fixed desks and locations, thereby breaking down workplace silos and encouraging greater employee collaboration.

ABW is also typically associated with, and benefits from, a holistic approach to greater activity in the built environment that includes the uptake of practices such as the use of sit stand desks, use of collaborative working areas, participation in walking or standing meetings, and integration of workplace wellness programs that encourage greater activity.

Additionally ABW often better reflects the differing work styles and personalities of employees allowing for greater expression of individual working methodologies.

ABW is facilitated through the effective design and fitout of interior office spaces that reflect the unique corporate DNA of each organisation and employees, seamlessly integrated with future office products and programs.

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