Wellness Resources From Welnis Labs

Visit this page for wellness resources. Find downloads and links to wellness research and information.

Sleep and Performance, Absence, Injuries and Quality of Life: A Welnis SleepFit research paper on the links between sleep and workplace performance, and quality of life.  Download the Welnis SleepFit paper.







Stand Up for Your Health WELNIS LABS white paperStand Up for Your Health: Read about the negative health effects of sitting for extended periods. Download the Welnis paper.







Welnis 3D Layout Service Brochure cover image3D Layout Service: Read about Welnis’ complimentary 3D Layout Service that allows you to see how your fitout will look and perform. Download the layout service brochure.







Welnis hospitality brochure coverWelnis Hospitality: Read about how Welnis specialises in turning hotels into restorative wellness spaces for leisure and business travellers. Download the hospitality brochure.