It’s easy to forget to drink the recommended levels of water every day to keep our bodies hydrated.

Office interiors and air conditioning added to summer heat can mean that we more quickly succumb to dehydration.

We know that dehydration affects our bodies but we often forget it also affects our minds and importantly cognitive performance.

When cells are deprived of water our bodily systems are more taxed and have to work harder leaving us feeling fatigued and lethargic.

Studies have also shown that even mild dehydration can cause dips in concentration, memory, and mood.

So what is the right amount of water? Well many studies suggest that approximately 11 glasses of water for women and 15 glasses for men is close to the mark. However 20% of that water intake should come from the foods we consume.

Consider that if you are dehydrated on a daily basis your overall productivity and performance over time can be significantly reduced.

So make it easier on your body and your mind during the workday by drinking plenty of fluids (yes even coffee) and eating hydrating live foods and make sure that your body and mind stay in a state of peak performance.