Whisper Wall & Ceiling Acoustic Solutions

Whisper Wall & Ceiling Acoustic Solutions

Whisper Walls & Ceilings Acoustic Solutions


Product Description

WhisperWalls® systems are attached to your existing walls or ceilings to reduce unwanted noise in any area that will add a refined ambience and a practical benefit.

WhisperWalls® consists of a fabricated PVC extrusion that is fastened to walls or ceilings which houses the acoustic medium (polyester infill – the noise reduction component) and a fabric is stretched across the face and tucked into the PVC. This allows the use of a wide range of fabric finishes to be used from our standard range of fabrics to decorative and custom made with your own unique design, the choice is only limited by your imagination.

WhisperCloud are creative, lightweight, suspended acoustical treatments hang from the ceiling and provide focused or broad sound absorption.

WhisperWalls® relies on sound waves passing through the surface fabric into the acoustic medium behind, to absorb sound energy.

This is measured and expressed as Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) where rating of 0.1 means only 10% of the noise is absorbed, 0.5 represents 50% and 1 means 100% is absorbed The acoustic medium varies in density and thickness from 12mm to 100mm (or greater) and is a recycled product with a minimum 80% recycled content.

Our custom Acoustic WhisperWalls® adds elegance to any area reducing unwanted noise creating a sense of serenity.