Welnis Medium Scent Diffuser

Welnis Medium Scent Diffuser

Welnis Medium Scent Diffuser

Product Description

Welnis Medium Scent Diffusion Systems uses “submicron micro diffusion technology” which provides the most effective and safe fragrance diffusion for a scented room. The advantages Zephyr fragrance dispenser micro diffusion method include minimal liquid consumption rate which has several advantages over other fragrance dispenser systems.

The Medium air scenting systems offer quiet, smooth operation and 400 ml. scent or fragrance refills last about two months when used at 50% capacity for 10 hours a day depending on operation settings 1-100%.

The consumption rate of your custom scents is between 0.1 ml. to 2ml per hour and it is adjustable.

Even with a slightest natural air movement in a large room, the scented air particles easily travel in thin air and then evaporate without leaving any trace or residue. This is called “cold evaporation” or “dry vapor”. Since there is no heat used, the chemical properties of the fragrances are not altered, which provides a healthy fragrance diffusion, and prevents dangerous toxic mutation of chemical properties caused by heat.

Model Zephyr Electric Diffuser

Dimensions W: 12cm L: 30cm” H: 20cm

Weight 2.5kg

Power 15 Watt 230 V / 50 Hz

Color Anodised aluminium – and we can paint them to suite decor

Refill Bottle 400 ml 100% Fine Fragrance Oil

Technology Micro Diffusion Technology

Coverage Up to 750 m3

Control electronic controls – adjust operating hours and intensity level

Area of use Indoor scenting of areas where central or modular scenting systems are not applicable. Simple “plug-n smell” portable application. Most common areas of use are; retail stores, smaller hotel and residence lobbies, waiting rooms, showrooms, car galleries, offices and houses.