Technogym Wellness Ball

Technogym Wellness Ball

Technogym Wellness Ball

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Product Description

Exercising at work or home can be efficient, effective, and most of all, convenient. Discover how easy it is to use the Wellness Ball Active Sitting and all of the benefits you can reap with it.

Part of the reason why people find it hard to meet their fitness goals is because exercising isn’t always convenient, but with most of our time spent indoors, and a good portion of that sitting, the Technogym Wellness Ball makes it much easier to maintain movement and exercise during the day.

This ball is a large, heavy-duty inflatable sphere with two available diameters of 55 and 65 cm. It couldn’t be easier to transport around the office or house and it is one of today’s top fitness tools.

People are finding innovative uses for this accessory everyday. Here are some of the more common benefits it offers.

  • Stretching
  • Core Balance
  • Passive Exercise
  • Flexibility Booster


Technogym Wellness Ball

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