Sonic Chair

Sonic Chair

Sonic Power Nap Chair

Product Description

How would sound be shaped if you wanted to sit inside it? This relaxing and comfortable sound pod is like sitting inside your own concert hall.

The German-made Sonic Chair provides a unique audio experience allowing you to position yourself at the very centre of a sound system.

The open design ensures a reasonance-receptive, well-balanced sound environment. The active and passive sound insulation creates an acoustic island.

The integrated sound-system including a body-focused sound membrane allows a variety of audio connections. The specially developed 6-channel amplifier in patented D-class technology with integrated digital signal processor (DSP) enables us to program individual sound settings.

The outer upholstery is made out of artificial leather, creme white and fine grained. Inside we use the breathable microfibre Waterborn by Kvadrat in suede look. Both materials guarantee abrasion resistance. The pod is exceptionally comfortable and durable.

The round based frame of satined stainless steel is equipped with concealed cables as well as a rotation limiter (up to 350 degrees). The base frame provides floor anchorage, cable connection and circuit points for power supply and audio.

You can plug in your own android or Apple device or an iMac or iPad can be secured to the chair on a rotating stainless steel arm (see images). Bluetooth & Audiofly options available. Zeiss Cinimizer 3D glasses (see bottom image) combined with a bluray player can give a complete cinematic experience.

The Sonic Chair comes fully assembled and has one year warranty.