Sky Factory Luminous Virtual Windows™

Sky Factory Luminous Virtual Windows™

Views of nature, either real or simulated, are used in healthcare settings to reduce stress and anxiety, and to restore emotional balance. Similarly, views of nature in the workplace have been found to reduce absenteeism by 15% (The Economics of Biophlia).

Sky Factory’s healing biophilic illusions trigger a genuine “relaxation response” in observers. To enhance the illusion of depth, we recommend arrangements in pairs or groups to engage binocular vision and deepen the panoramic illusion indoors.

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Product Description

Sky Factory Luminous Virtual Windows™ add a more spacious feeling to enclosed interiors and create memorable environments with photographic illusions of natural vistas in window-like frames.

Luminous Virtual Windows™ are:

  • Slim profile (2 3/8″/60mm) allowing for surface mounting or recessed flush installation
  • Offered in several standard sizes from 22″x40″ to 34″x64″
  • Available to order in custom dimensions
  • Styled in various wood and brushed aluminium finishes

Install Luminous Virtual Windows™ in pairs or groups to enhance the feeling of depth. When you create spaces in a continuous photographic scene, the viewers’ imaginations fill the gaps heightening the illusion of space beyond the window.