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Podtime Tranquility

podtime sleeping pod

Product Description

The Podtime Tranquility is the top of the range pod model with an easy to use sliding door and access at the top end of the pod from either side.

The Tranquility is perfect for use in the office, education facilities including student accommodation, healthcare facilities and airports. The Podtime Tranquilty can be used as a comfortable private bed or as a meditation and relaxation space. As well as a rest pod, in open environments Podtime can be used as a quiet environment to focus on a specific work task without distraction.

It is also popular as a multimedia & gaming pod and can easily be customised to include audio and visual features.


Height: 120cm
Width: 120cm
Length: 220cm
Weight: 95kgs

Internal features include:

  • Entry from either side, head end
  • Sliding canopy acts as door
  • Mattress
  • Osram LED lighting
  • Mirror
  • Clock – LED with back light
  • Floor mats at entry
  • Clothing hook
  • Bag/shoe storage space at foot end
  • Fully ventilated with air shafts at foot and head ends.
  • Magazine/tablet holder
  • Shelf
  • Full privacy and some noise reduction