PodPlants Vertical Indoor Gardens

  • Welnis PodPlants Vertical Indoor Garden shown empty and planted
  • Welnis PodPlants Vertical Indoor Garden shown empty and planted

PodPlants Vertical Indoor Gardens

PodPlants Vertical Indoor Gardens

Product Description

PodPlants is the most innovative greenwall available for the vertical garden market, completely portable, modular and freestanding.

Unlike traditional greenwalls, no connection to the wall is necessary – just bring your PodPlants indoors, place it wherever you like and plug it in to instantly enjoy the benefits of a beautiful living wall.

Biophilic design which incorporates the inclusion of natural elements such as plants, sunlight and fresh air are increasingly credited with providing significant benefits when incorporated into built environments including stress reduction, improved productivity, happiness levels and overall health.

PodPlants are ideal for use in the following locations.

Plants create an indoor environment that reduces employee stress and encourages productivity and overall wellbeing. PodPlants work well as a workspace partitions, reception features and in boardrooms.

Meeting Rooms

PodPlants are ideal fore use in meeting and boardrooms to bring the outdoors indoors and create an environment of wellbeing and productivity.

Hotel Receptions / Office Lobbies
Reception areas make an instant impact on clients and guests, and there’s no better way of doing this than with PodPlants. The ‘wow’ factor will not only come from your impressive greenwall, but also from the beautifully designed shell.

Trade Shows / Exhibitions
The portability of our greenwalls make them a popular addition to exhibition stands. Stand out from the crowd, attract more interest to your stand, or use them as a divider… lots of options with PodPlants.

Studies have proven that greenery reduces the stress experienced by students and improves productivity in the classroom. PodPlants will provide students with a better environment for learning as greenwalls improve emotional, physical and cognitive performance.

PodPlants create a relaxed and healthy environment for any home. Ideal in kitchens, sunrooms and living areas – PodPlants are also perfect for apartments.

About PodPlants

PodPlant’s vertical gardens are constructed by positioning multiple units in series to create a greenwall of any size.

Each module weighs less than 20kg’s and can be carried by 1 person. Units can be pre-planted and delivered to create an instant greenwall of any size.

PodPlants self contained, slimline design ensures all the wet parts are contained inside the fully sealed unit and only the foliage is exposed to the outside environment.

As a freestanding system, PodPlants do not require drainage, plumbing or waterproofing and can be simply placed in front of any existing wall.

The base of each unit holds up to 50 litres of water creating a stable footing for the freestanding modules.

PodPlants proprietary ‘aeroponic’ technology gently waters each plant equally providing for healthy sustained growth. This revolutionary system operates silently without pumps, filters, or nozzles – making it ultra low power and water consuming and therefore truly sustainable.

Made in Australia from recycled ABS plastic, PodPlants are impact resistant, built to last and environmentally friendly.

Available Sizes – Single and Double Sided

Tall – 2.4m x 1m

Standard – 2m x 1m

Short – 1.2m x 1m

* PodPlants was the winner of the 2014 Australian Innovation Challenge