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MetroNaps EnergyPod i20

The MetroNaps EnergyPod i20 is the Australia’s most recognised and respected fatigue management solution. Designed to facilitate effective napping in interior environments – the EnergyPod combines privacy and leading technologies to allow the user to awake refreshed and energised in a very short space of time. MetroNaps  is available for installation Australia wide.

Product Description

The MetroNaps EnergyPod i20 is the Australia’s most recognised and respected fatigue management solution.

Designed to facilitate effective napping in interior environments – the EnergyPod combines privacy and leading technologies to allow the user to awake refreshed and energised in a very short space of time.

The MetroNaps EnergyPod i20 is designed based on years of research, to provide the optimal short rest experience. It combines elegant style with ergonomic functionality. The contour of the chair takes pressure of the cardiac system by placing the user in a zero-gravity position.

The MetroNaps EnergyPod i20 is powered by i20 Technology, which allows users to start a preprogrammed 20 minute nap with just one touch. Specially devised rhythms play through the built-in speakers for optimal relaxation and gentle waking is guaranteed with a programmed combination of light and vibration. And the MetroNaps EnergyPod i20 is space efficient: the visor provides privacy and allows shutting out any external stimulus, without the need for a separate room.

Napping Facts:

“Allowing employees to take a short 15-20 minute nap is on easy way to boost alertness, leading to a 30% decline attention failures.”

“Frequent nappers have a 37% lower chance of dying from heart problems than those who do not nap.”

We install MetroNaps EnergyPod i20 units across Australia including Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and ship to all country and metropolitan areas.

What people are saying about Metronaps EnergyPod i20:

“No workplace is complete without a nap pod”.

— David Radcliffe, Vice President of Real Estate & Workplace Services, Google, Mountain View, CA,

“We’ve actually had people who have joined the club specifically for the EnergyPods”.

— Matt Jones, Club Manager, Virgin Active Health Club, Melbourne, Australia


The zero gravity position, specially composed sleep music, gentle wake sequence of programmed lights and vibrations…

All features of the EnergyPod are designed to help you relax.


The EnergyPod is powered by firmware developed around a simple principle: a 20 minute nap is beneficial for well-being and productivity. Features include a status indicator that communicates when the EnergyPod will next be free, and usage tracking to optimise facility management.


A napping facility should not only be functional, but also aesthetically fit in your workspace. Our design is stylish and timeless. The classic EnergyPod comes in white and grey, but we can customize to any colour, to match your work environment.


Ergonomic Perfection

The countour of the EnergyPod takes pressure off the cardiac system with the elevation of the feet and relaxes the muscles of the lower back with a slight bend in the knees.

Privacy Visor

The EnergyPod’s sphere provides semi-privacy without overly enclosing. Rotate the privacy visor for additional seclusion.

I20 Technology

Use the one touch i20 feature for a pre-programmed 20 minute nap, or adjust the timer to the duration you desire.

Timed Waking

Gentle but effective waking as a programmed combination of lights, music and vibration is executed.

Built-In Speaker

Specially composed rhythms play to facilitate relaxation and eliminate surrounding distractions. Listen through the built-in speaker or use optional headphones.

Welnis Workplace Fitout Solutions

Welnis SleepFit specialises in designing and creating rooms and dedicated spaces in office interiors that facilitate workplace napping. From interior design to complete fitout as well as the supply of the worlds leading workplace sleep pods – we are experts in delivering turnkey restorative environments that your employees will love.

Employees natural circadian rhythms often mean that during the afternoon productivity and alertness begin to wane.

Designed to work hand in hand with our SleepFit programs – our workplace rest facilities provide optimal environments where employees can relax and recharge to maximise workplace efficiency and productivity.

Why Nap at Work ?

A study by Amber Brooks, PhD and Leon Lack, PhD at the School of Psychology, Flinders University, Adelaide, SA, Australia showed that a 10 minute nap produced immediate improvements in all outcome measures (including sleep latency, subjective sleepiness, fatigue, vigour, and cognitive performance), with some of these benefits maintained for as long as 155 minutes.

MetroNaps: Energy at Work

It all began back in 2003, because we saw people falling asleep: at work, on the train, in all kinds of places. When we first discussed the idea of napping at work with professionals, what we heard most was that nobody wanted to be caught ‘sleeping on the job’. Some admitted that they would sneak off to the toilet, a parked car or an unused conference room to get a little rest. The remainder simply caffeinated their circadian rhythm in an attempt to keep their focus.

That’s why we created the EnergyPod: the world’s first chair designed specifically for napping in the workplace.  Through our patented solution, we have created the gold standard that provides unique functionality, requires limited space and helps overcome dated stigma related to sleep.

Allowing employees to take a short 15-20 minute nap is an easy and effective way to boost alertness and productivity. It also improves mood, creativity and learning.  The long term health benefits are also substantial.

Leading employers acknowledge the vital need for sufficient sleep and they are supporting this by providing their employees with dedicated rest facilities. MetroNaps works for a broad range of clients and has implemented installations in offices, hospitals, universities and fitness centers in dozens of countries across four continents.

MetroNaps EnergyPod i20

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