Jawbone UP Fitness Trackers

Jawbone UP Fitness Trackers

Jawbone UP24

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Product Description

Track your activity at work and at home with the UP24™ family.

Wake up feeling refreshed with Smart Alarm™, or receive an Idle Alert™—a gentle vibration at the wrist—when you’ve been sitting too long. UP24 is your friend-in-fitness—wherever you go, 24 hours a day.

Activity Tracking

The simplest way to track your steps, exercise and overall calories burned throughout the day. Knowing this is the first step to get more active and stay motivated.

Sleep Tracking

Easily track hours slept and quality of sleep. Smart Coach learns your habits and gives you personalized suggestions to help you get to bed on time. Smart Alarm™ silently wakes you up at the optimal moment in your sleep cycle—so you feel refreshed.

Smart Coach

Forget basic step counts and canned advice. With UP24™, Smart Coach gives you the motivation and personalised insights you need to reach your goals, no matter where your day takes you.

Up App

A dashboard of your activities isn’t enough. That’s why we created Smart Coach. Our exclusive intelligence engine that turns raw data into your personal fitness advisor. No pain. All gain.

Contact the Welnis team to learn how we you can build activity into your interiors most effectively with Jawbone Fitness Trackers.

Jawbone UP24

Jawbone UP24 From Welnis

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