Infiniti Treadmill Desk

Infiniti Treadmill Desk

Infiniti Treadmill Desk

Product Description

The new Infiniti TR1200DT-7 features integrated control console and padded arm rests with the addition of an electric height adjustment desk. Controls for the height adjustment are conveniently located in front of the display console and a tray for storage is located underneath the desk surface. The DT7 is designed specifically to meet the demands associated with groups of users in high usage areas such as offices.

Our treadmill desk comes with 2 programmable heights to allow 2 users to come back and automatically adjust the desk back to their desired height.

In addition, the console is Bluetooth enabled so you can connect wirelessly to your computer to automatically track your results while you exercise. Or combine this with one our wearable fitness trackers such as Jawbone or Fitbit.

Display: Steps taken, walking time, calories burned, distance travelled, walking speed.

Belt Size: 142cm x 50cm

Height: Supports users 4ft 10″ to 6ft 8″

Speed: 0.6 to 6.4km/hr

Intelli-Step™: tracks how many steps are walked by each user

Intelli-Guard™: a safety feature that automatically pauses the treadmill belt if the user steps away for longer than 20 seconds

Safety Key: clips easily onto the user’s clothing and if pulled, will immediately stop the treadmill.

Step Up: Low step up height of 13cm

Speed Limiter: if required, the console can be programmed to limit all users of the treadmill to a specified speed limit


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