Humanscale Quickstand Sit Stand Solution

Humanscale Quickstand Sit Stand Solution

Humanscale Quickstand Sit Stand Solution

Product Description

The Humanscale is an incredibly sleek, sturdy and simple to use sit stand solution that looks great on any worksurface. QuickStand is the ultimate sit/stand solution for new and existing workstations and is easy to install.

Humanscale created QuickStand to encourage users to be active and integrate movement into their days, which is vital to health. For easy and quick installation, QuickStand clamps to any fixed-height work surface just like a monitor arm.

Quickstand has been designed so that all the cables the user needs are ready to simply plug in and go, and these cables are expertly managed for a clean aesthetic.

And thoughtful design means QuickStand doesn’t compromise the user’s desktop and work area, leaving ample space on either side for paper-based work or other items and equipment.

Quickstand is available in single and double screen configurations.


  • Cable harness pre-installed for easy plug in and go
  • Fully integrated cable management
  • Two USB outlets for keyboard/mouse
  • 18” (460 mm) platform height adjustment
  • 5” (127 mm) single/dual monitor display adjustment
  • Work surface clamp has 6” (150 mm) of horizontal adjustment for a 24” (600 mm) up to 36” (900 mm) deep surface
  • Work surface clamp attaches to the back edge of a ½” (13 mm) up to 2¾” (70 mm) thick surface


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