Product Description

Helvar Human Centric Lighting is created by changing colour and intensity of white light, and designing lighting to support the end-users’ lighting needs.

The natural circadian rhythm of a person can be supported by using warmer (relaxing) light with lower intensity in the morning and evenings, and cooler (energising) light during a typical working day.

Lighting can also be tuned during the day to support more temporary needs. We can use warmer white light with slightly lower intensity, to help users calm down when facing high stress. Or we can use cooler white light with higher intensity, to help users energise e.g. on early morning.

Examples of environments where Human Centric Lighting give us various benefits:

Office Education Healthcare

Higher efficiency

Optimised task lighting



Improved learning

Natural day rhythm


Faster healing


For maximised well-being and efficiency, optimal lighting should be delivered at the right place and at the right time. To precisely control and design lighting environment, you need ability to freely adjust colour temperatures and illuminances. Helvar’s networked lighting management solution with iC is a highly advanced and flexible solution that allows you to design your lighting environment exactly as you like it.

iC Networked Solution

The iC Networked Solution is based on Helvar’s well known lighting management solution with Routers (Imagine 920 Router) and Designer iC Software. This future proof and scalable solution is now fully compatible with the DALI colour control standard. With the Designer iC, it is easy to pick the right colour for each luminaire within the lighting network. This makes the commissioning of the system much faster.

Helvar continuously works on adding new functionalities and control options. Lately the colour control support was added to uSee, an easy to use, web based visualisation tool used to monitor and control Helvar’s router based systems. Also Helvar’s range of user interfaces including button, sliders and rotary controls now provide advanced colour control functionality.


Helvar iC standalone solutions are easy to implement as a single luminaire or as a single room solution. Natural colour temperature and illuminance of daylight varies greatly, influenced by location, time, weather, etc. With the iC standalone solutions, it is possible to simulate the natural outdoor lighting environment.

iC Select the Weather Solution

In theSelect Weather Solution the user selects the desired option from the specific Select the Weather panel.


Calm down High stress period Warm 80 %
Energise Early morning Cool 100 %
Concentrate Thinking process & presentation Intermediate 50 %
Stay alert Normal daily work Changing naturally 90 %


Helvar also offers other standalone solutions. In the Dynamic Weather Solution, the iC Dynamic driver can be pre-programmed to change the luminaire colour temperature naturally by providing an indoor environment which generates more natural light. This can be achieved without any configuration or on-site control. Using Helvar iC drivers, it is also possible to implement Tunable White using the switch controlfunctionality which requires less cabling.

The iC standalone solutions provide a simple way to implement Tunable White solutions. Helvar continues to develop a new easy to control, standalone solution in the coming months.