Height Adjustable Kitchen Benches

Height Adjustable Kitchen Benches

Height Adjustable Kitchen Benches

Product Description

If you are looking to add movement to your kitchen, a height adjustable worktop is the ideal solution.

Perfect for the workplace or home, our height adjustable kitchen work benches allow for users different heights and helps to reduce injuries through over-extension and bending.

A modern kitchen is full of contradictions. It must be multifunctional and have an aesthetic clean design. Often it is placed in an open environment partly functioning as a kitchen and partly as a social space. Equipped with the necessary appliances, but at the same time it should take up limited space. And last but not least it must fit the user’s needs for functionality and ergonomics.

By adding movement to your kitchen these contradictions can be eliminated. Movement via linear actuator technology can lift kitchen tables to ergonomic correct working heights, or even bring down cupboards to reach tableware. There are endless possibilities when adding electric movement including:

– Height adjustable worktops
– Adjustment of part of the kitchen base e.g. cupboard coming up
– Adjustable tables in the kitchen

Our ranges are ultra-quiet and feature the widest range of columns with built-in actuators, sleek design of control panels and unique features like ZERO™ control boxes (just 0.1w standby consumption) and PIEZO™ focusing on safety. Easy to install and local supply, service and support make for the perfect plug & play.