HAG Capisco Chair

HAG Capisco Chair

HAG Capisco Chair – If you’re into innovation this is the office chair for you.You won’t find another office chair so well suited to height-adjustable desks

Product Description

HAG Capisco Chair  – If you’re into innovation, HÅG Capisco is the office chair for you. You won’t find another office chair so well suited to work surfaces at different heights or to height-adjustable desks.

In a HÅG Capisco, you can sit equally comfortably facing forward or turned to the side, allowing you a broad reach. The chair has received a number of awards for its unique qualities and characteristic design.

It has also been a forerunner in terms of environmentally friendly design and still has a very strong environmental profile compared to its competitors. You can choose a HÅG Capisco in good conscience.

Balanced Movement – with centre tilt

HÅG’s ergonomic philosophy is based on an understanding of the human body and its need to be in motion. That’s why the core of our chairs is the unique BalancedMovementMechanism™ that keeps you in balanced motion and encourages you to move your whole body without even thinking about it.

As balance is the best starting point for movement, our chairs have a centrally placed tilting point to keep you in balance and continuous motion.

The seat and backrest are linked together, which means that the seat front rises when you lean backwards, stimulating movement in the ankles, and lowers when you lean forward to work. These micromovements keep you alert and animated all day long.

This unique feature is something we call FootControlledMovement ™.

Balanced movement
Our unique seating mechanism keeps the person sitting on a HÅG chair actively balancing and not just in suspended balance.

The chair follows the movement of your body whenever you move forwards and backwards and this, in turn, stimulates micro movements in your feet. This activates the circulation systems in your lower legs – the peripheral heart in the calf muscles – increasing your blood circulation like no other task chair does.

It keeps you feeling energized, fills you with well-being and lets you concentrate on your work.