Mini Powerzone – Biozone Scientific

Mini Powerzone – Biozone Scientific

Biozone Scientific Mini Powerzone

Product Description

BioZone Scientific’s PowerZone® series is a leading commercial grade odor control solution for serious problems. PowerZone® provides on-demand chemical-free odor removal. Deodorize hotel rooms, vehicles, and other areas while eliminating odors from tobacco smoke, urine, food, pets, mold, mildew and sewage.

Covering up odors only leaves them to return later. Save time and costs when you eliminate odors at their source with BioZone Scientific’s PowerZone® series. PowerZone® destroys odor-causing bacteria to prevent them from ever returning. Improve your company’s image and increase customer satisfaction by providing friendlier smelling sanitary environments. With PowerZone® you can remove odors from even the most demanding sites, quickly, to reduce turnover time in spaces such as hotel rooms, company vehicles and public spaces. Provide a friendlier smelling environment and improve customer loyalty with PowerZone®.

Advantages of Mini PowerZone®:

  • Eliminate odors, smoke, and chemicals
  • Portable and easy to transport for purer air where you need it
  • Reduce bacteria, viruses, mold, and other micro-contaminants
  • Industrial strength – a serious solution for serious problems
  • Programmable timer in 10 minute increments or continuous use
  • Intended for use in unoccupied spaces
  • Chemical-free technology


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