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About Nigel Hobbs

Nigel Hobbs has over 20 years experience working across a number of sectors in the areas of workplace wellness, ergonomics and activity based interiors. He has founded or been involved in a number different interiors based startups during this time and has worked with many of the industries leading innovators and disruptors both in Australia and globally. He frequently speaks on the subjects in and around these interior protocols and the rapidly changing workplace and how to infuse wellness into interiors for human wellbeing. You can contact Nigel at

Staying hydrated in the workplace for better cognitive performance.

It’s easy to forget to drink the recommended levels of water every day to keep our bodies hydrated. Office interiors and air conditioning added to summer heat can mean that we more quickly succumb to dehydration. We know that dehydration affects our bodies but we often forget it also affects our minds and importantly cognitive [...]

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Why Workplace Wellness Is A Good Investment.

For a long time workplace wellness programs were seen as perks for employees and far from an imperative. Not any more. Ever increasing amounts of evidence are pointing to the fact that wellness programs are good for employees and organisations alike. With market proven returns on every dollar spent on wellness programs ranging from approximately [...]

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5 tips to stay positive at work.

When things get busy at work and your “To Do” list is growing by the minute it’s easy to become overwhelmed and forget to stay positive. However staying positive throughout the workday is key to your productivity and overall wellbeing and will continue to have benefits even after you have left the office. So here [...]

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Why it’s important to have quiet spaces in your workplace.

Offices are not really known for their tranquility. Normally we associate the modern workplace with high activity, noise and lots of hustle and bustle. But while that works for some – many employees need a space to literally retreat from the rigorous daily demands - to a space where they can calm the mind and [...]

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Can our healthcare interiors actually eliminate disease?

The idea that our interior healthcare spaces could actually eliminate airborne bacteria that cause diseases would have seemed improbable only a few years ago. Yet with rapidly evolving technologies and greater understanding of health and wellbeing in the built environment this is quickly becoming a reality. The recent launch of a microbicidal paint that continuously [...]

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