Welnis: Creating Healthy Human Interiors

At Welnis we believe the future of the built environment is about intrinsically linking science, healthcare, technology and wellness with architecture and interior design to ultimately bring about ever improving levels of human sustainability.

We spend over 90% of our time indoors and there is an ever-increasing understanding of the importance that our interiors play in our overall health and wellbeing.

With so much time spent inside it is vital that the spaces we inhabit every day are programmed for human health. We show you how these higher levels of health and wellbeing also lead to higher levels of productivity and performance.

The Welnis team addresses real estate and interiors from a holistic and evidence based approach and we have identified 10 key wellness elements that provide human-centric wellbeing in the built environment. We call this Welnis 10X.

Our focus and mission is to ensure that these wellness elements are at the forefront of design, construction and fitout of interior spaces. We provide a fresh approach to creating interiors that benefit both environmental and human sustainability.

Real Estate Sectors

Welnis is uniquely positioned to provide the best possible outcome for our clients by delivering effective strategies to infuse interior spaces with the world’s leading health and wellness products and programs through a cost effective, efficient and sustainable model.

Wellness is one of the fastest growing sectors globally and is increasingly recognised by organisations and individuals alike as the key to health, happiness and productivity.

We are passionate about the positive results that we can bring to your interior spaces. From ergonomic and activity based furniture, acoustic solutions, air and water purification to fatigue management and fitness – our design integration skills, industry knowledge and access to the world’s leading wellness brands and services make us the preferred choice across a wide range of sectors.

Welnis Divisions

The only environments we can truly control are our interior environments. The future of human wellbeing is directly correlated to our interior spaces and how we passively infuse them with wellness. Indeed our interior environments will be the single most important factor in how we restore, recharge and revitalise.

To discuss how we can turn your interior spaces into restorative Welnis spaces call us today on 1300 302 008 or click here to complete the Enquiry Form.