When things get busy at work and your “To Do” list is growing by the minute it’s easy to become overwhelmed and forget to stay positive.

However staying positive throughout the workday is key to your productivity and overall wellbeing and will continue to have benefits even after you have left the office.

So here are 5 simple tips to keep your positivity in check at work.

1/ Take breaks – Regular breaks allows the brain to have a mini re-boot leading to better cognitive functioning and more effectiveness completing tasks.

2/ Set attainable goals – Don’t attempt to do too much each day – if you are constantly setting unattainable goals you will always be feeling like you are letting yourself and others down. By setting attainable goals and achieving them you will experience increased satisfaction.

3/ Reward yourself when you achieve a goal – If you achieve a goal reward yourself by doing something positive. Maybe treat yourself to a nice lunch out or catch up with a workmate for a coffee and a walk. Even little rewards go a long way towards a positive self worth.

4/ Surround yourself with positive people – try and hang out with positive people while at work – their positivity will rub off on you and vice-versa.

5/ Smile more – It’s a simple enough technique but it works a treat. We have 43 muscles in our face and most are seriously underused! Smiling has been proven to lift your mood and help keep you positive.

Infuse these tips into your workday and stay happy, upbeat and above all positive!