Health Sciences + Wellness Technology + Built Environment = Welnis

What We Do

Welnis creates commercial and residential interiors that are specifically focused on bringing human health and wellbeing to the forefront of the design, construction and fitout of the spaces we inhabit. We call this Restorative Real Estate®

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How It Works

We specialise in infusing interior spaces with world-leading wellness products, programs and design protocols that have been scientifically proven to deliver improved levels of human performance.

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Why It Works

We spend over 90% of our time inside. By ensuring that the key interior elements we are exposed to every day actually benefit our health and wellbeing, we create built environments that benefit not only environmental sustainability but human sustainability as well.

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Our Divisions

We offer clients cost effective, end-to-end fitout solutions, designed and built around employee wellbeing. From consultancy that identifies how to create optimal environments to match human health and wellness with productivity and performance to the complete design, construction and fitout of interior spaces across a number of sectors. Additionally our wellbeing programs help provide an even greater post occupancy engagement and overall return on investment.

Creating healthy human interiors

Our Solutions + Sectors + Products

welnis solutions and sectors and products

Our Services

  • Workplace Wellness Consultancy
  • Design & Construction Solutions
  • Turnkey Interior Fitouts
  • Wellness Products & Programs
  • Facilities Management
  • Interior Lifecycle Assessments
  • Employee Change Management
  • Post Occupancy Activation Programs

We Specialise In

  • Activity Based Workplace Interiors
  • Agile Workspace Environments
  • Ergonomic Furniture, Fittings & Equipment
  • Workplace Wellness Solutions
  • Wellbeing Technologies
  • Human Centric Residential & Hospitality Interiors
  • WELL® Building Certification

We Work With

  • Tenants
  • Landlords
  • Building Owners
  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Property Managers
  • Property Developers
  • Construction Companies
  • Residential Home Owners

Building Wellbeing into …

Office Fitouts

Corporate Gyms

Fitness Facilities

Napping Rooms

Wellness Spas

Hotel Rooms

Healthcare Facilities

Student Spaces

Residential Interiors

Workplace Cafeterias

Biophilic Elements

Workplace Technology

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